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    Unfortunately, it's common to regain weight no matter what obesity treatment you try.

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    You are more likely to have problems with cholesterol if your family members already have it.

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    If it is difficult for you to control your weight, you may end up this depression being a fat wreck.

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    The veterinarian said I could have prevented my dog’s glaucoma…

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    About 75% of patients with asthma also have frequent gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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    No matter how wealthy and successful you are, you can also become a victim of erectile dysfunction.

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    It is difficult not to have breathing problems when you live in the smoke of a big city.

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    Proper personal hygiene regime ensures you health. Make sure you know the rules!

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    There’s no person in the world who’s 100 % protected from depression! It can start all of a sudden!

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    Doctors believe that most cases of impotence result from mental or emotional problems.

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    Some of us don’t even know that depression may be stopped that easily!

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    Asthma epidemic is observed nowadays across the world. Air pollution contributed greatly.

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